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Corn rolls. Moment of science for the real Beyonce. Let us not forget

they called cornrows not “corn rolls”  thanks for trying tho cracker 

We gonna let the “moment of science” go tho?


Don’t talk to me unless you’re handing me this bouquet to ask for my hand in marriage




this…this photo, man. it has all the greatest hits.

1.) Squishy toe-beans the size of your thumb.
2.) Fuzzy spotted catbutt
3.) Pink snootnose
4.) Adoring expression shootin’ lovebeams into your very soul
5.) Cat


Brenda Song- Glamoholic US March 2014

I have loved you and only you for forty thousand years. And I will love you and only you until the stars are shaken out of the sky.
Hades (via tango5150)


persephone and hades’ day off

(ref used for cerberus because idk how to draw animals ahskjlk)



They whisper that he has no heart. Softer still; that he cut hers out. In the Spring air, she listens and hides her smile, sips her pomegranate martini and remembers how she forced open his ribcage to count the roses blooming there, when he’d dared her to cheat death. There had been a cold fire in his eternal eyes and his hand was a fist where her heart should be. Six red roses, she’d planted in the dark hollow of his chest, and he had conceded the bet with a chasm’d smile and a crown round her head to match his own.


boobs and boob censorship and the point at which boobs are considered nude are so weird. you can see the whole damn boob without seeing the nipple and it’s like wow look at that boob! what a nice, safe boob. as soon as u see that little tiny sliver of darker skin that is part of the nipple everyone freaks out and its like HEY WOAH CONTAIN THAT NIPPLE U NAKED BOOB